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  1. Moogulkis2 years ago

    There are women out there who don’t like oral being done on them. I’m one of them. Everyone keeps telling me that my previous partners just didn’t do it right and that I’ll change my mind once I’ve had someone who knows what they’re doing go down there... I doubt it. I just don’t feel comfortable with that much attention down there at all. “Not Hungry” just needs to go find a woman like me.

  2. Akizshura2 years ago

    Just picked up dinner / show tickets for a John Denver tribute on Thursday.

  3. Arashigore2 years ago

    Maybe she's flirting with you but you wouldn't be certain until you ask her point blank when the two of you are alone. If she would say no, then tell her what you really think. That you're getting mixed signals and that you just want to clear things up. 1 more thing i would like to add is that the fact that you even post here about your doubts only shows that maybe you are also wishing she is indeed flirting with you. I don't know if both of you are currently unattached and "free" do so there. It's complicated already, as you mentioned. Why make it over-complicated? Resolve first why you guys broke up in the first place.

  4. Tusida
    Tusida2 years ago

    Wow baby love your clothing and those beautiful tits. your movies are making my testicles sore jerking of to them 4 times a day

  5. Kajiktilar2 years ago

    Babe what's app

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